Be prepared for your next model rocket launch

model rocket launch at Moffett Field
model rocket launch at Moffett Field

On Aug 21, 2010, we went to Moffet Field for model rocket launch organized by LUNAR. I would say that we had only a partial success. Here are the reasons:

So many people come to model rocket launch
So many people come to model rocket launch

I usually buy the engines from Michaels the day before the planned launch day. So, I printed a coupone online and headed to their store at Dublin on Aug 20. To my surprise, it didn’t have model rockets and engines for sale. I was told that they carry them on selected stores only. So, I had to go the store in Fremont on the day of launching at 9 a.m. but found out they were reshelfing their displays and all the engines were boxed somewhere in the store. There is HobbyTownUSA nearby and would not open until 10 a.m. So, I decided to go to the Michaels store in Union City and finally I got the engines I wanted. BTW, this store was in a process of reshelfing displays. I almost couldn’t find the engines.

By the time we arrived at Moffett Field launch site, it was already after 10 a.m. The line for launch was very long. Apparently, there has been more and more people who know about this monthly event. We spent sometime to insert an engine into our newly built model rocket Eggscaliber. Then we waited in the long line. Finally it was out turn.

Just by the time we had eract our model rocket on a launch pad, the organizer announced that they had to stop because the winds was up to 12 knots. Fortunately, they allowed those that were already on launch pad be launched. So, with the cost of $10 admission, we had a chance to launch only once.

My lessons to learn: 1. Buy engines earlier. 2. Check the weather to see it could be windy or not.

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