Need testing as a non-admin user

For security reasons, I am required to log-in as a non-admin user at work. When I need to install an application, I will have to switch to a different account with admin privilege. Recently, I had experienced two instances in which an installation is user dependent. So an installation for an admin user account does not apply to my non-admin user account.

The first one was Juniper VPN. After I installed Juniper VPN from my admin user account, I was still asked to install it when I tried to start VPN from my non-admin user account. I had to ask my system admin to give me admin privilege to my regular user account for a moment so that I can finish the installation. Apparently, Juniper’s QA didn’t consider this scenario at all.

The second one was Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. For the past few weeks, Windows Live Messenger stopped working. Microsoft fixed the problem and provides a “Fix It“. I ran it from my admin user account successfully. To my BIG surprise, I still got the same error when I switched back to my regular user account. This “Fix” works for my admin user account only. I am surprised that Microsoft made such a damn mistake.

So, to QA engineers, please conduct testing under non-admin user account.


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