Yang Liwei’s biography “The Long March to Space”

Yang Liwei's biography 'The Long March to Space'

The first Chinese astronaut (hangtianyuan) Yang Liwei has recently published an autobiography “The Long March to Space” (天地九重, or “The Nine Levels between Heaven and Earth”). To advertise his new book, he started a blog called “Yang Liwei’s New Book” (杨利伟的新书). This book is unique in that it is exclusive and authoritative revealing the nature of authenticity and inspirational.



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4 Responses to “Yang Liwei’s biography “The Long March to Space””

  1. China First Manned Mission Program in 1960s « Paviavio           Says:

    […] knows that the first Chinese manned mission was Shenzhou 5 launched on October 15, 2003 in which Yang Liwei (杨利伟) became the first Chinese astronaut (or hangtianyuan). But you may not know that China […]

  2. Mariel Says:

    Is the book available in English? How do I get a copy?

  3. Yang Liwei’s face was full of blood when he stepped out Shenzhou capsule « Paviavio           Says:

    […] you for sure have seen one of the photos above in which the first Chinese astronaut (hangtianyuan) Yang Liwei stepped out Shenzhou 5 capsule himself. They were taken by Xinhua News Agency photographer Wang […]

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