New Chinese astronauts selection is down to 5 male and 2 female candidates

Chinese news source said, China has finished another round of selecting new astronauts according to army officials who are attending NPC & CPPCC Annual Sessions. There are five male candidates out of 30 and two female candidates out of 15. These lucky candidates will receive further examinations. All of them are currently airforce pilots but their names are state secret.

The news says that among 15 females, five candidates are from Shandong province. They are: Wang Yaping (王亚平), Xing Lei (邢蕾), Cao Yanyan (曹艳艳), Liu Lu (刘璐) and Sun Jing (孙静). It is expected that some of them will become first generation of female astronauts in China.

The selected candidates will be “perfect” human beings. They must have ages between 25 and 35, height between 1.60 m and 1.75 m, weight between 55 kg and 70 kg. They should not have strong accent. They must be non addict, non drinking, non smoking, non picky on food, non snoring. Female astronauts must be married and have children.

In China, astronauts are called hangtianyuan.


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