China starts to design a new medium launch vehicle CZ-7

Xinhua news reported today that China will start a new Project on its next-generation of Long March (CZ) rockets – medium launch vehicle CZ-7 or Long March 7 (我国立项研制长征七号 明年安排21次火箭发射). Chinese CZ series has launch vehicles for lifting weight less than 5 metric tons, lifting weight between 5 and 10 metric tons, and lifting weight around 20 metric tons (the on-going CZ-5), but not launch weight between 10 and 20 metric tons. CZ-7 aims to close the gap. CZ-7 will be designed based on CZ-2F and has a temporary name of CZ-2F(Altered) rocket or 长征二号F(换)型火箭. China hopes that this new rocket can be used in Chang’e program.


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