Will the Internet be dominated by Chinesee-language content?

Google’s Eric Schmidt said “Five years from now the Internet will be dominated by Chinese-language content.” when he talked about the Web’s Future. See the video here. This may sounds scary for non-Chinese speakers, or at least show some pressure to them. But will that become reality?

Is the situation so serious? Personally, I don’t think so. If it were the case, what Eric should have done was to acquire the Chinese “Google” Baidu at whatever cost instead of talking. Western people tend to be confused by Chinese phenomenon because of culture differences and politics. While I agree that there will be alot more contents written in Chinese (just think how many Chinese are there), I do not think they will dominate in term of real contents. Many will be garbage, duplicates or less important materials. Let me give you an example: Recently, the Chinese government claimed that the Chinese schools have produced more PhDs each year than the United States schools. Do you believe their overall qualities top the US?

Chinese like writing, but they are under controls of what they can write. IT Berlin Wall is out there. The government shuts down anything that it does not like.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to learn Chinese because China is becoming stronger than ever before. There will be a lot of opportunities in China. One sixth of the world population speak that language already. Do you want to be left out?


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