CZ-2F will be replaced by a new model after shenzhou7

According to this news, CZ-2F will be replaced by a new model after shenzhou7. (Maybe it will be called CZ-2G? Anyway, let’s go on.)

The first step is to adopt an improved “CZ-2F” to launch the target object for the space station. All the technical parameters including all its blue prints will be replaced. From its outer look, the improved rocket will eliminate the escape system. The diameter of the heat shield will be increased. The head cone shape will be closer to von-Karman-curve. Internally, the momentum measurement system will be redesigned based on reliability design. New GNC will be introduced. The electronic equipments will be upgraded. The computation of trajectory to orbit will be significantly improved. The payload will be increased significantly. The failure allowance will be increased to two failures for normal operation. The rocket will be lighter and smaller. The degree of integration is even better.

The second step is to adopt a fully Liquid Oxygen/Kerosene Rocket Engine. The new generation of propellant fuel will be changed to no-poison, no-pollution fully liquid oxygen/kerosene. Its core stage diameter will be 3.35 meters, strapped with 2.25 meter boosters. After a few unmanned missions, it will be used for Chinese manned missions.

The current Chinese capsule is the most efficient one: with a diameter of 2.5 meters, it allows 3 astronauts.

In another article, Shenzhou11 was mentioned. Shenzhou8 (an unmanned mission) is planned for around 2010.


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