LaTex in WordPress blog

I haven’t used TeX/LaTeX since I left from academic world more than ten years ago. This becomes a problem sometimes after I start blogging. When I have to write mathematical expressions, I have to end to using either existing images (e.g.Normal distribution function, RSS — root sum square) or simple HTML (e.g. 24th Chinese Mathematical Olympiad, 24th Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (continued)).But recently I found that I might be able to use it again. The news comes from Ben Lorica’s blog that WordPress has enabled LaTeX. So, I’d like to try it with the interesting pictures from the following found functions.

The function is \frac{1}{3}(x^3+y^3) = 6xy

As you’ve noticed, the expression is actually given already. I don’t really need to write it out. Again, this is just an experiment with WP LaTeX. The web page found functions provides more examples.

For help, see LaTeX section.

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One Response to “LaTex in WordPress blog”

  1. ben lorica Says:

    It’s about time you started using TeX again! Now that you’re back in the math world, we should write a paper together. 🙂

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