Build and launch your next model rockets

Several friend made and launched their first model rockets during NASA Ames’ MoonFest on July 19 for the 40’s anniversary of American’s lunar landing. After this huge successful event, some of them started talking about what next. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Bug new model kits and build some more complicated models. You can go back to Michaels store or go online. There are many online stores and they usually have larger range of selection and are cheaper.
  2. Consider to add payload: snack bar or Lego astronaut, etc. Children are usually excited to see their toys launched to the sky.
  3. Mount a camera. You can find cheap digital cameras from Wal-mart. Then mounted onto your rockets. Here is a video of rocket launch with camera. Isn’t it cool?
  4. Make better parachute – nilon or silk. The parachutes you get from Estes are made of plastic. It would be better to have parachutes made of nylon or even silk. Before nylon was invented, silk was actually used.
  5. Measure the actual altitude. Estes website has a list of articles for you to gain scientific knowledge. You will find math and physics usuful.
  6. Build a model from scratch. See the picture below. Someone built a model rocket by using paper cup. I also saw someone launched an Eiffel Tower. Just use your imaginations to build whatever you can think of. But please no metal. It is not allowed. The largest model rocket that is ever made is a 1:10 scale Saturn V rocket by Steve Eves. If you do build such a big rocket, LUNAR has other launch site for you.
  7. LUNAR organizes this event every third Saturday at Moffett Field, CA. But before you go, make sure that you check their website for update since it may be canceled or rescheduled. If you decide to join the membership, please be awared that the membership is renewed on June 1 no matter when you sign up.


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