Proofs of lunar landing might be coming after 40 years

MoonFest at NASA Ames Resarch Center on July 19

A few days ago, I told a friend about the MoonFest at NASA Ames Resarch Center on July 19.

“Oh, thanks!”, he said, “I am reading about Apollo Program and the more I read, the more I am convinced that it is all faked.”

This is totally unexpected to me. So, I replied: “NASA just puts the materials and evidences there and does not get involved into arguments. If you have big reasons, you have a chance to discuss with NASA experts at Moffett Field on July 19.”

Doubts about the American Moon landing has been a long history. It was heated up by FOX special – “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” in 2001. British Telegraph has recently published an article “Moon landing anniversary: 10 reasons the Apollo landings were ‘faked’. But still, it was inconclusive. It is up to NASA to provide more evidences”.

Even though NASA does not want to get into arguments, it is apparently working hard to get necessary new evidences. One of the efforts is to take high resolution photos of lunar landing sites. The recently launched LRO will carry out this mission. Another effort is to find and restore the original missing tapes.

So, there is a reason to hope that NASA will shut up permanently those who still do not believe the lunar landing 40 years ago.

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BTW, my friend also argued that among six lunar landing mission there wasn’t even one failure, that’s unbelievable. I told him that it was not true. The Apollo 13 mission was aborted before the landing attempt. For those successful mission, they were not trouble free either.


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5 Responses to “Proofs of lunar landing might be coming after 40 years”

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  3. William R. York Says:

    If people have a hard time believing that the Apollo Program went to the Moon. Tell them to write or e-mail the European Southern Observatory (ESO) the Paranal Observatory is located on the top of Cerro Paranal in the Atacama Desert in the northern part of Chile. The Observatory is actually composed of four separate 8.2 m telescopes. In addition the four main telescopes can combine their light to make a fifth instrument, the VLTI, Very Large Telescope Interferometer. They have made the claim that they will be able to watch Human Astronauts walking on the Moon. If so, they can also take pictures of the landing sites and see the LEM’s Decent Stage and the science instruments, flags, and rovers. These jerks make me sick! They probably can’t add two plus two without a calculator. These are the kind of people that will get us all killed through their stupidity.

  4. paviavio Says:

    Please read this:

    Trail of Discovery at Fra Mauro

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