Sassi di Matera (Stones of Matera) of Italy

My Italian friend Livio took his family to a place called Stones of Matera, or Sassi di Matera in Italian. Here are some pictures he sent to me.

The houses are completely built into the rocks and people used to live there until 1950 !!!

Don’t you find that it is a really amazing place ?

Mel Gibson worked here for his “The Passion of the Christ“.

Here you can clearly view the home built completely into the rocks.
Something like this you can find in Yemen (it seems to me….)

Matera is a town in Southern Italy. It is a traveler’s destination because of the “Stones of Matera” which originated from a prehistoric settlement, and are suspected to be some of the first human settlements in Italy.

While I lived in Italy, I didn’t go that far to the south. I wish I could go back to Italy and travel around again and, more importantly, meet my friend again.


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