How to avoid AdBlock?


When I posted my entry “Ad Block will continue while its creator dies“, I got a comment from Niudy:

Online advertising is an important link in Internet business food chain. It is like this diagram.
advertiser -> free media -> customer -> advertiser
If advertising is removed from chain because of ad block, then free media can not survive, we can not get free information from Internet any more. Let me ask this “Do you want to pay Yahoo for news and stock info?”. If you say no, then you can not refuse watching ads on Yahoo.

While I agree that he is perfectly correct in all senses, Many people will continue to use AdBlock anyway. Now, IE allows user plug-ins. Now, Google’s Chrome has a new plug-in that is similar to Adblock: AdSweep. I would predict that more people will try to block online banners. So, it leave to advertisers to either accept this fact or avoid being blocked.

If they accept this fact, I have nothing to say but “good luck”. But if they don’t want to, how can they avoid it?

The answer is simple: To advertise in the non-browser world. For example, Microsoft may add commercials to MS Office. But still, there may be a way to block it since MS Office has VBA for its users. I think the answer is to consider desktop applications. Younexus offer advertisement options this way. If you have a shareware and if you would like to make some money, you may consider to team up with Younexus.


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