RSS — root sum square


My colleagues keeps talking about RSS and for sometime I didn’t know what they were talking about. I used my favorate desktop dictionary traydictionary which queries from Cambridge Dictionary of American English but find nothing. I looked up to Wikipedia and found that RSS could mean many many things (see TheFreeDictionary as well). I finally figured it out: it is the acronym of “Root Sum Square”. It is actually a very popular word in the scientific world.

In mathematics, we usually call it the L2 norm. That is, For a point X = (x1, x2, …,xn) and a point Y = (y1, y2, …,yn), the L2 norm between these two points is defined as:


Intuitively, it is the distance from one point to another. RSS is clearly more meaningful name for the concept and I can see why engineers like to say that way. It would be good that the math textbooks at least mention this name when L2 norm is introduced.

BTW, I just noticed that Tray Dictionary 1.3 has been released. Give it a try.

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