Get an Expired Reservation Back

United Airline

I was planning a trip from San Francisco, CA to Norfolk, VA. On April 23, I reserved a ticket from the United Airline for $317, which I must pay by April 24 midnight, EST. The flight was really good: Departure at 1 p.m., one connection, arrival at about 11 p.m. The price was really good too. By 10 p.m. PST, I realized that I had not paid it and it passed the deadline already. I hurried to my computer and found the reservation was gone. I am messed up.

Sadly enough, I had to restart a search for ticket. I broaden my search for departure from either one of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland and arrival to Norfolk, Newport News or even Richmond. I was not able to get the same deal I got before. That particular flight was not available. The cheapest price was at least $150 more and the time frame was not good: departure at 6 a.m. and ticket nonrefundable.

Before I had to accept this unfortunate outcome, I decided to call UA representative and see if I could get my expired reservation back. To my nice surprise, I did: the same flight, the same price. Thanks, UA representatives!


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