Ad Block will continue while its creator dies

According to Slashdot news, Ad Block Plus Filter Maintainer Richard “rick752” Petnel dies at 56.

My altitude toward Ad Block is mixed. I use it but I also think it goes too far. Even he himself admitted “I kind of went overboard with it.” As an example, Ad Block allows its user to select a default list of mass advertising websites and block all of them with just one single click. So, many advertisement companies such as Google and Younexus hate it.

Perhaps, it is time for adverting companies to start an anti-ad-block campaign.


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3 Responses to “Ad Block will continue while its creator dies”

  1. Niudy Says:

    Online advertising is an important link in Internet business food chain. It is like this diagram.

    advertiser -> free media -> customer -> advertiser

    If advertising is removed from chain because of ad block, then free media can not survive, we can not get free information from Internet any more. Let me ask this “Do you want to pay Yahoo for news and stock info?”. If you say no, then you can not refuse watching ads on Yahoo.

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