April Fools jokes on NASA

All in a sudden, NASA Watch becomes a place for jokes. On April 1, 2009, it posted a series of funny scientific jokes.

The first one was “NASA Announces New Mars Exploration Strategy“. The so-called new strategy is “changing the orbit of Mars to bring it closer to Earth”. A very funny scientific joke. The “original” JPL document is here.

Then comes the second one “Experts Agree: Global Warming is a Hoax“. Oh, sure, scientists all over the world admit global warming is a hoax. This one originated from a blog entry in Christian Science Monitor.

The third is as funny as the other two: It claims that China Buys NASA. What a joke! Enjoy reading though.

Shortly after, a fourth item appeared on NASA Watch: “Pluto is Now Just a Fairly Large Rock“. Poor Pluto, It is downgraded again. I guess this is a day to make unrealistic to be realistic.

More are coming. Realizing that President Obama has not appointed a NASA administrator, today is the good day to voice out: how about Admiral Adama for NASA Administrator?. You have to know that William Adama is fictional character.

I like April Fool‘s Day.


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6 Responses to “April Fools jokes on NASA”

  1. bionicoder Says:

    This is interesting!

  2. hwz Says:

    It is funny!

  3. Top 15 Popular Posts of 2009 « Paviavio           Says:

    […] April Fools jokes on NASA […]

  4. Kristina Says:

    great research bro�

  5. Marcos Rouff Says:

    a lot of links are dead so bad

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