Advertising in postal service

According to this Yahoo article, the U.S. Postal Service went from a $1.4 billion (US$) surplus to a $2.8 billion deficit in about 3 years.

This is a disappointing figure but is unavoidable in light of the trend of online advertisement. I would think that it might not be able to keep its traditional 6-day home delivery. It might be better to deliver regular mails 5 days or even 4 days a week, even with postage rates increasing this May. People don’t depend on regular mails on a daily basis anyway. Why should the U.S. Postal Service bother to keep residence receiving non emergent mails every day?

No matter it drops to 5 days or 4 days, one thing is for sure: paid advertisements with regular mails will drop significantly. That will hurt the U.S. Postal Service even further. But I think this is good for a greener world. There are simply too many junk mails everyday delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

So, for those who advertise with the U.S. Postal Service, go online: either with big guys like Google Adsense, or with small guys like Younexus. It is time to change the way people advertise.

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