Ads enter classrooms

Back in December 2008, I read an interesting piece of news that advertisements have entered classrooms (see “Ads on tests add up for teacher” from USA Today). It may not catch many eyes but it definitely caught mine. My feeling is that it is a milestone for commercial industry. If advertisements can enter classrooms, it can go anywhere. More importantly, it will affect the whole next generations.

Thinking of online advertisement, I think it has great potentials that no one should ignore. That is what Younexus is trying to do. It is clear that the next generation will grow up with more and more online advertisements (recall that I mentioned Ad-Supported Version of Microsoft Office 14 May be Available in a previous post). How can each of us be read to get pieces of it? This is a question we all should ask ourselves.


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2 Responses to “Ads enter classrooms”

  1. Ariel Says:

    I don’t think ads will enter classroom. It should not be.

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