Will commercials be everywhere?

If NASA Needs Money ...

Ad-Supported Version of Microsoft Office 14 May be Available and he thinks that “One thing we can predict is more and more software companies will follow Microsoft to put ads on their software in the future. No matter you like it or not, this is the trend driven by competition.”

His comment made me recall an image that I saw before: “If NASA Needs Money …”. Will be commercials everywhere, really?


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5 Responses to “Will commercials be everywhere?”

  1. Ads enter classrooms « Paviavio’s Blog Says:

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  2. George Says:

    This is interesting! But it is possible.

  3. Advertising in postal service « Paviavio’s Blog Says:

    […] Ads enter classrooms […]

  4. nathan Says:

    well if they had the choice they would tear down national parks and build giant size billboards that forces you to stare at the ads on screen

  5. Commercials Will be everywhere! « Paviavio           Says:

    […] ago, I asked “Will commercials be everywhere?“. Apparently, NASA indeed needs money and will go commercial at least at KSC. Now the […]

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