SD West 2009 Is Over

SD West 2009 is over. I am a little disappointed, but I understand that everybody needs to save money. Microsoft didn’t come. Maybe they put focus on MIX 2009 in Las Vegas. The most interesting keynote was “The Energynet – The Next Boom in Software” by Juval Lowy of IDesign. Is the fourth industrial revolution going to be green technology?

One of the good piece of information is about Microsoft’s Visual C++ 2008 Express edition. I would like to give it a try.

Currently, I am still using VC6 for my applications. I must deliver the binaries to server machines, but they won’t run at all. My understanding is: The VC6 is using a native code, whereas all the new ones are using managed code. The difference here is manage code has garbage collection and such and protect the user from accessing kernel space, things that will get you blue screen of death (BSOD). VC6 has no limitation and you could write code to crash your system. The server machines are server class so they would offer protection as in managed code… so VC6 binaries might be lock-out of some execution model.



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