How do you find a hindden process on your PC?

Sometimes, you find your computer is running slow. You know something is going on. But when you open the task manager, you don’t see anything running heavily. So, what is going on?

A possible answer is: a hidden process. When you download a package or when you visit a website, you might have download a spyware and have it installed on your computer. It is running on the background on your computer quietly, taken almost all of your computer resources. Even worse, it might do damage to your computer and destroy your personal files.

To find such a hidden process, there is a tool “Hidden Finder” provided by WenPoint. It helps you find the unwelcome applications that is running without your knowledge. Give it a try. You will love it.

Ok, once you clean up all the unwelcome applications from your computer, you would want to protect your computer from the hidden download. You should not visit those website that have those spywares. I would recommend that you install the McAfee’s Site Advisor plugin. It works for both IE and Firefox. With this installed, you can make sure that the web sites you are visiting are safe.


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